Dangerous Goods

Transped Brescia is able to assist you in the transport of goods classified as dangerous according to ADR legislation.

tbl pericolosita

Essential oils, flammable liquid material and solid oxidizing substances, toxic and corrosive, repellents, organic peroxides, etc. (REF. Area Information).
Our staff is constantly up to date with the regulations in force, through specialised courses, and also our drivers are equipped with ADR licence.

Our drivers and those used by our partners all have normal driving license and also ADR professional certificates. These certificates are obtained after specialised courses on transporting dangerous goods, and a final exam.

The certificate lasts 5 years and can be renewed 1 year before the expiry date. 

Depending on the course, and the exam taken, the following will be released:

Basic certificate - enables to transport packages of dangerous goods of all classes other than radioactives and explosives.

Tank Specialization - enable to transport dangerous goods of all classes in tanks, other than radioactives and explosives (which cannot be transported in tanks anyway)

Explosive Specialization - enables to transport packages of dangerous goods of class 1 (explosives).

Radioactive Specialization - enables to transport dangerous goods of class 7 (radioactive).