Transped S.a.s. was born in Brescia in 2002 as a personal initiative. This was the experience matured over time in the shipping/transport field.

A lean and agile structure was created, in order to handle business with partners in a simple but dynamic way.


There is the possibility to create and consolidate a new global management model giving a specific interpretation to the role of Courier, which differs from the common rules adopted by competitors on the market: the SHIPPING AGENCY.

Driven by passion and dedication deepening the concept of departure, we undertake contacts with new partners which are leader in their field. Exposing our projects, we consolidate the relationship with customers, reaching over time privileged and confidential.
Encouraged by the positive feedeback and driven by the desire to keep improving ourselves, we carry on offering customers more and more assistance, professionalism, transparency.

Basical elements which, if combined with the our competitivity on the market, seem to enclose what was our initial desire:


Our mission is to reach a professional and humane goal. We aim to succeed!!

We work towards this, so that your company can count on something special, different and in a nutshell ... unique!


Tracking Company

  • Transped Brescia is a brokerage firm that operates in the field of National and International shipments from 2002

Latest News

  • 12 Aug New Web Site

    Transped Brescia is pleased to make pubblic its new website, a fresh and dynamic portal which also offers all the latest news regarding the world of transports and shipments.

  • 22 Sep Customs Agency

    The Custom's Agency puts online a consultation service for TARIC tables.

Why Choose Us?

  • Efficency and Honesty

    Because Transped Brescia is living proof that even though small but "diligent", it is possible to be competitive and efficent even in the globalised world of transport. Because direct contact with the customer is our aim, without sacrificing innovation and professionality.

  • Reliability and Computerization

    Reliability and good information channels. Because we care about our customers!! We have an efficent system that assures our customers a safe and reliable service, throught the use of a telematic sending system, quotations and invoices at zero expense.

  • Customer Service

    Because we give maximun flexibility, offering services which are tailored to your needs. Because we are always at your disposal, both in the good times and in the bad times. Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

  • Why NOT?

    Don't choose us if are just happy enough to spend less!! Choose us if you wish to have someone at your side, someone who is a partner and not just a supplier, who can advise you and guide you in your choices.